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“Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one's values.”

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ayn Rand while commuting

I suppose we have all seen this while commuting- at least those who travel with the hoi polloi -someone reading a Rand book, often the Fountainhead:

Reading Ayn Rand

On a couple of occasions I have seen dullish looking housewife types in traditional sarees poring over the Fountainhead and wondered if they were 'getting it'. I'm glad if they 'got' even one percent. Who knows what personal awakening that bit might produce.

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  1. The suggestion that dull looking housewive 'types' in traditional sarees might find it difficult to "get it" is a bit far-reaching. I wonder if you really "get it"? A blog on Ayn Rand's philosophy should be the last place for such stereotyping.

  2. Hey A, let me babysit you:

    Dull looking = minds dulled by years of conformity and therefore less likely to be open to new ideas

    Traditional sarees= reinforces the above impression

    Impression formed by observation and experience(which may or may not be correct but one makes initial estimates) ≠(not equal to) stereotyping

    Get it?
    Happy New Year