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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Sixth Sense

This is the video that we created as our submission to the Ayn Rand Institute's Atlas Shrugged Video Contest.
Our movie was filmed and edited by Abhay Kumar -- a talented filmmaker.
The concept for the script was written and developed by Gazal Dhaliwal--a close friend, gifted script writer, and intellectual friend of Objectivism.
I provided the philosophical consultation, advise, and approach to creating a video that conveyed the right messages.
So here is our finished product. I am pleased with the outcome. If you enjoy the video as well, then please show us your support by VOTING for the video at the contest website. You can vote once per day from each computer. And you can vote all the way till the end of the contest on December 22.


  1. Nice one Jerry! My vote for today is in. Ten more to go.

  2. Does any one know why this contest is being judged by votes, and not by an objective process run by experts?

    I think voting often sacrifices Objectivity. Hence, it is improper to conduct an evaluation in this manner, until and unless the personal character of each and every respondent is well known.

  3. The main prize(s) will be decided by a panel of judges, and will be based on "...intellectual strength, creativity and persuasiveness."

    However, there is also a "viewer's choice" award that will be decided by votes. The prize - an iPad pre-loaded with the writings of Ayn Rand!

  4. Please vote for our video, if you have liked it. We need to get ones *everyday* until the end of the competition in order to win the popular choice award.

    Thanks for your support!

    Vote here: