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Friday, July 30, 2010

"Ayn Rand's New York" - a Series of Walking Tours

Frederick Cookinham, a licensed New York City tour guide, runs a series of walking tours in New York City around the theme "Ayn Rand's New York". The tours range from "Ayn Rand's Fifth Avenue" to "Skyscrapers of The Fountainhead". 

Recently, Mr. Cookinham visited the "Ayn Rand in India" blog and sent me the following message:
"If anyone you know will be traveling to New York soon, please spread the word about my tours.  My website is www.indepthwalkingtours.com, or just google "AYN RAND TOUR."

I met the editor of INDIA ABROAD recently.  He was curious when he saw me on a street corner holding up my AYN RAND TOUR sign.  He told me that everyone in India knows the name Ayn Rand.

I hope to be seeing you and many of your friends soon, here in New York -- the city of Ayn Rand."

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