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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Atlas Meet in Mumbai

Dear All,
We are reviving the Atlas Meet in Mumbai.

24th January 2010

A45, Vijay Kunj, Opp New Model English School, Vakola, Santacruz East, Mumbai.

Right now open to suggestions.

Options are:
(a) Watching a video/interview, which will be followed by a discussion.
(b) Meeting of new people to discuss ideas of Ayn Rand in general.
(c) Any other suggestion you may have.

Please do drop in your comments/suggestions.

ph# (0) 9820226297


  1. I hope to meet some of the old time members of Tara Malkani's Ayn Rand Club in Bombay.

  2. It was absolutely an enriching session contributed by everyone present for the meet. There were some amazingly experienced speakers and equally patient listeners. There were no limits to the ideas being discussed- from Ayn Rand to the way of life of an objectivist. I shall don’t mind to attend such meets every month even if I’ve to travel across cities as few really did. So, cheers!
    I’ll surely try summarizing the discussions soon.

  3. To add to the discussion we were having in the Mumbai meet, this is what I am currently reading, from the new biography on Ayn Rand, "Goddess of the Market":

    "More than the fury of a woman scorned, it was the fury of a woman betrayed. For nearly five years, Nathan had lied to Rand about his feelings for her and his relationship with Patrecia. Their hours of intense conversation and counseling, so painful and taxing to Rand, had been a pretense and a ruse to distract her from his deceptions. In the meantime, NBI had grown from a small lecture series to a national institution. Nathan had become famous and wealthy speaking in Rand's name." (GOM, pp. 241-242)