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Monday, November 2, 2009

Ayn Rand on Pop Quiz

Ayn Rand continues to appear in the popular media in India. The Mail on Sunday, the tabloid, on Nov 1, 2009, carried a quiz on Ayn Rand, compiled by Senjam Raj Sekhar.

Ayn Rand has always topped popularity charts. Her novels that expound her unique brand of individualism still hold readers in awe. Heading the list of course is Fountainhead —story of an enigmatic architect named Howard Roark. In India, Ayn Rand has a loyal following from college students to film stars. Find out more about Ayn Rand and her works.

1. Atlas Shrugged and Fountainhead by Ayn Rand is dedicated to Frank OConnor. Who is Frank OConnor?

2. Ayn Rands novels all propounded her pet philosophy — that of rational self- interest, a morality that stood in compete opposition to the accepted political, social and religious attitude. What is her unique philosophy called?

3. Which novel of hers is set in Soviet Russia and portrays the impact of Russian revolution on three people who demand the right to live their own lives?

4. Fraternity 9- 3452, Democracy 4- 6998, Unanimity 7- 3304, Collective 1- 5537, International 1- 5537 are all characters in which novel of Ayn Rand?

5. Fountainhead has four chapters. The last chapter is named after the chief protagonist Howard Roark. What are the other chapters called?

6. The undercurrent of Fountainhead is a violent love affair between Howard Roark and an exceedingly beautiful lady who loved and yet struggled to defeat him. Simple — name the lady.

7. Howard Roark completed only three years of his architecture course before he was expelled. Which A- School did Howard go to?

8. Atlas Shrugged is divided into three parts — first part is called Non Contradiction, second part is called Either- or. What is the third part called?

9. Ayn Rand achieved Broadway success with which play of hers?

10. Ayn Rand and Bollywood. Yes, The Night of January 16th has inspired a 1989 Bollywood movie starring Zeenat Aman and Ashutosh Gowariker. Name the movie.
Please visit the Sunday on Mail, Pop Quiz, for the answers, if you need help!

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