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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ayn Rand on the cover of the Reason magazine

Reason magazine covers featuring Ayn Rand -

 And on the cover of the latest issue!-

 I don't think I have missed any.All Reason covers are here.

What got me going was this Che like graphic of Ayn Rand posted by Ed Driscoll according to whom it's "a reprint of one of Reason’s 1973-era covers featuring a posterized version of Ayn Rand".

However I couldn't find any such cover.
I do however agree with one the commentators to that post that it would make a great T-shirt!


  1. Good collector's items! Thanks Gurmeet. Perhaps we should try the American Library, and look for the hard copies of Reason magazine.

  2. Having not seen the content of any of these issues of Reason magazine, we are only discussing the artistic merit of these covers. And who best to rely on such matters, than Gurmeet, who is an artist himself.
    Capitalists have popularised Che, by commercially exploiting his image on T-shirts. It is time for some one to come up with T-shirts with attractive and stylistic image of AR on it.

  3. Hi there,

    Thanks for linking to my post -- I hope I didn't imply that my Rand as Che graphic was based on a Reason magazine cover. But, if I recall correctly, someone in the comments at Reason's Hit & Run blog said that they'd love to see a Rand as Che T-shirt, and I quickly knocked out the above graphic in Photoshop.

    Thanks again for referencing it.