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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ayn Rand essay contests for students

The Ayn Rand Institute has been organising essay contests for students for over two decades now. ARI has just announced the 25th annual The Fountainhead essay competition 2010, for high school students (classes 11 and 12, or equivalent). Also, the 17th annual Anthem Essay contest 2010, for students of classes 8, 9 and 10. The 10th annual Atlas Shrugged essay contest 2009, is closing on 17 Sept 2009.

ARI awards $81,250 in prize money each year to the winners of its essay contests.

Almost every year, Indian students, or students of Indian origin figure among the list of winners in one or more of the different categories. Two students from India, Nishaad Rao of the Galaxy International School, Rajkot, and Sushmita Sircar of Convent of Jesus and Mary College, New Delhi, are among the winners of The Fountainhead essay contest 2009. Nishaad Rao's essay can be read on his blog Careless Whispers. Ayn Rand in India initiative plans to recognise their efforts by offering them special awards. In 2007, a student of Indian origin based in the US, had won the first prize in The Fountainhead essay contest. One can read the winning essay here.

Ayn Rand in India initiative has been launched by the Liberty Institute in India in 2009, with the support of Atlas Foundation and Ayn Rand Institute. Earlier, Liberty Institute, on its own, had organised The Fountainhead essay contests for 7 years between 1996 and 2002.

As part of the Ayn Rand in India initiative, this year we tried to promote the Atlas Shrugged essay contest 2009. Posters had been sent out to over 500 high schools and colleges across the country. In addition, emails were sent to hundreds of institutions.

These essay contests have proven to be one of the most effective ways of introducing ideas of Ayn Rand to the newer generations of readers. We would appreciate your help and suggestions in promoting the various essay competitions among students in India.


  1. Does that mean that college students cannot participate in 25th annual fountainhead essay contest 2010??
    So do you have no contest for college students??
    This doesnt seem fair..Please do come up with something for college students as well as ayn rand novels and her philosophies has a huge fan following among college students as well

  2. Fortunately, for college students, there is the Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest. The 2009 contest closed last month. And the 2010 contest should be announced by the Ayn Rand Institute, shortly.