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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Atlas Sunday Meet - 14th June 2009

Date: 14th June 2009
Venue: A45, Vijay Kunj, Opp New Model English School, Vakola, Andheri East, Mumbai.
Yusuf Syed
Abhigyan Jha
Deepti Chauhan
Jerry Johnson
Kirtimalini Kuber
Presentation of an exclusive Ayn Rand Interview – 1974, followed by discussion

This is the second Atlas Sunday Meet in Mumbai. Last time the meeting was held at the Prithvi Café, Juhu (5th April 2009). The agenda of this meeting is to show Ayn Rand’s 1974 interview and have open discussions on her ideas. Jerry has offered his residence for the same, a nice and colourful bachelor pad. We – Yusuf, Abhigyan, Jerry and I – have gathered at around 4:30, quite punctual, and begin with a round of cool drinks to cool off.

Abhigyan Jha, a new member, who has received information of the Sunday Meet through common mailers, is a staunch Objectivist.

As we get done with the introductions, we plunge into the first round of discussions – the current economic scenario with reference to Rand’s predictions. Heated conversations begin on Objectivism. Minds have gone on to religion and to how objectivism cannot spread in India. There are two viewpoints presented – Jerry feels India is not ready for the economic overhaul that Objectivism calls for as free collectivism is deeply rooted in our culture. On the other hand Abhigyan strongly believes that India is the freest society existing today with the history dating back thousands of years. He says that the moguls and various other rulers diluted it and made it what it is today, but individualism and free markets distinguish Indians from the rest of the world. Abhigyan gives an example of the existence of the most number of small entrepreneurs – pan-walla thelas, small shops springing in every neighbourhood – showing the entrepreneurial independence of the Indian people.
Deepti Chauhan joins us at this point. She is not a die-hard Rand fan. But she likes whatever she has known of Rand’s philosophy.

Discussing such a huge philosophy and its applications will surely take many more hours. Hence, we start watching the interview. Two parts of the interview last for about 20 minutes. It is a gratifying experience to watch Ayn Rand speak – clearly, confidently and passionately – about what she believes and why she believes in it.

Yusuf leaves shortly after the video. Taking on from the interview, a new topic begins – the choices that man makes on the basis of principle and practicality. We know that many times, we come across choices which in principle are right, but do not work practically. In this view, Rand says that she finds these people most evil – who do the evil in spite of knowing that it is the evil.

The clock is ticking much faster than we thought – it is nearing 9pm. So, we stop the discussion and leave with enriched minds and confident of where we stand and the reasons we stand for.
I, for one, come home and watch other interviews of Ayn Rand on youtube...

(Attendees, please feel free to edit the above note if I have missed out on something or if I have mis-represented your thoughts)


  1. Pradeep FernandesJune 17, 2009 at 1:55 PM


    Sad to have missed it. I was supposed to attend the first meeting at Prithvi but couldnt make it. Since then I'm in Gurgaon due to my job.. Hope to join you guys soon.

  2. Hey Pradeep,
    Lets hope you make it next time.
    In the meantime you can put down your thoughts here on this blog.